knowing our audience and our clients

We offer a bespoke service to UK operators of bars, nightclubs and restaurants offering central controls over third party contractors, specifically, entertainment (including DJs, bands, musicians and karaoke’s), door supervision and contract cleaning.

We have been steadily growing our business throughout mainland UK since 1998 and have developed an extensive database of suppliers that are professional, reliable and competitive.

Typically we will help operators manage their contractor needs centrally, identifying suitable providers, establishing realistic budgets and providing ongoing support.

On behalf of our clients we verify that contractors have completed their work to an acceptable standard, distribute transparent cost reports and ultimately process all contractor invoices electronically.

Structured central control through Event UK will reduce the number of contractors you engage with, improve service levels, produce a direct cost saving, reduce the associated risks of making cash payments locally and reduce overall processing costs from head office.  A single consolidated invoice detailing the verified expenditure across your business is both more efficient and cost effective to process.

Our services can benchmark prices across the industry and help ensure that best service and price can always be maintained.

we're very responsive

We want to enjoy a positive experience with every client and focus on developing long term relationships that are valuable to everyone.

Although every client operates in the same industry, we believe that each client is unique and is entitled to a special service.

We will always work with clients, adapting to help their business and I am very proud that a client has never issued Event UK notice. We are a relatively small organisation with a powerful offer.

We try not to over complicate what is essentially a basic requirement which, put simply, is getting the best service at the best price. If your business requires contracted services then Event UK is the conduit to help you identify the best contractors.

Matthew Hegarty - Managing Director

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